Aestheticism is the artistic and intellectual movement originating in Britain in the late 19th century and is characterised by the doctrine that beauty is the basic principle from which all other principles, especially moral ones, are derived.

Everyone loves beauty, our society is built on the principle: the more beautiful you are the more valued you are. Even though you may be thinking that isn’t me, I don’t care that much about beauty, I don’t believe people’s worth or value is in how beautiful they are. But isn’t that what you show when you snob the girl in school who everyone calls ugly, or when you spend at least 2 hours to do your makeup before you go out, or when you apply so many filters on your Instagram or Snap-chat to make yourself look so beautiful. All of that adds to the belief that beauty is everything.

Why not defy society and not wear makeup one day, or talk to that girl who everyone snobs or go, “No Filter” for a week? The Bible says in Proverbs 31:30, Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised. See! Charm is deceptive, looking immaculate could actually hide something deep inside, and as for beauty well, in the end we all grow old.

But let’s look deeper, it is not that God doesn’t love beauty, but our definition of beauty. I addressed the problem of makeup earlier on, for all the girls reading this if you wear makeup ask yourself why, why do you wear makeup, what does it add to you? God says everything is beautiful and that means you too, when God created the world and humans, he did not create Eve with makeup. She was natural, you are beautiful, don’t be tied down by the world’s standards of beauty, break free. Now boys, don’t think I am going to let you go scot free, yes, you don’t wear makeup, but what about all that hair gel or hair spray, the combs you keep in your pockets. I have had many conversations with my sister about boys and their combs we have seen many (mainly black ones) who carry combs around and comb their hair on the bus! Boys it needs to stop, comb your hair at home, your hair was not tangled anyway. Don’t be attracted by footballers’ new hairstyles it is not what life is about, don’t be obsessed with how you look.

Rather for both girls and boys, be obsessed with God, I challenge you all to go makeup or comb free, try not wearing makeup or not carrying combs around, instead when you have the want to do either of these, remember Proverbs 31:30. May God help all of you to focus on him instead of how you look.


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