Woman – approachable

This is another key element that God, the Creator has put in His creation called ‘woman’. But how many women understand and live out this character trait?

A woman being approachable means she is in a situation to give a listening ear to as many that approach her for various life issues.

A woman that comes to mind right now is Abigail, at a time when her husband could not understand the impending doom upon him and  his household and at such a time, Nabal’s servant could not approach him, but they had the courage to approach Abigail who was Nabal’s wife.

Being approachable, she was able to:

  1. Hear of the doom that was about to come upon her household.
  2. She was then able to act appropriately in order to avert the evil upon her household.

So also, every woman has been given the ability to be approachable, and in order to be approachable, you must be:

  1. Humble: Humility of heart despite your social position or status in life will put you in a position where people can approach you for their lives, and to also bring you correction and support in some aspect of life that you most needed.
  2. A good listener: Those who approach you are doing so with the expectancy of seeing you give ear to their cause.
  3. Focused or watchful: When people approach you, and you do not give them your full attention, it might send the wrong message.

Approachability gives those who seek you the assurance that they will be listened to. Can the young people in your church approach you over matters affecting their hearts? Can those at your workplace approach you even though they are unbelievers?

It is my prayer that as women in the church we will indeed arise to be women who are approachable.

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