Discipleship Opportunity

Discipleship is God’s means of making everyone who has given their lives to the Lord Jesus to become more and more like Jesus. It is God’s family training for every Christian. It is a means of moulding and shaping a Christian into the full stature of Jesus Christ.

We offer free Bible classes as a stepping stone into discipleship opportunity.

These classes can take place both online, church, home environment etc.

Girls 6-12 years old (Graceful pillars)    

Girls and boys 13-19 years old (Wise in Heart)

Women from ages 20 to 120 years old.

We can refer you to a male only Bible class also.

These groups are open to people from all denominations, cultures and backgrounds as we sit together to study from a curriculum. We would be happy to start any of these pre-discipleship Bible study groups for churches both locally and afar as the Lord permits us. If you would like to join any of the groups, please contact us to send you details of the classes.

Note that this meeting do not replace your church membership.  It is an avenue to support the work of God in any local church.

If you live or head a church outside Gravesham borough or outside UK and would like to be part of the pre-discipleship classes or start one in your church please contact us and we would be able to help you. 









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