Hope for the hopeless

I was away for about 8 days and watered my basil plant before travelling. When I returned last night, the basil had withered, and some of its leaves were dried.

The best I would have done would be for me to throw it away, but I decided to give it another chance.


I have left it like that in the past for a few days, and the state was not as bad as it was this time. It was humanly hopeless, but I made a choice not to throw it away, rather, I watered it abundantly pouring more than it usually takes, and the soil absorbed it. Afterwards, I watered the leaves too and left it there.


A few hours later, I went back to check and lo and behold, it is alive. The scripture below came alive for me with this experience.


If someone cuts down a tree, the tree may not die. New branches may grow from it. Its roots in the ground may be old. The part of the tree that remains may be nearly dead. But if only a little water comes near to it, it will start to grow again. It will make new branches, like a young plant. Job.14.7-9.EASY


I am not sure what that may mean for each one of us. Maybe there is a dryness in your spiritual life.  Maybe your marriage is experiencing dryness presently. Maybe your child or children are going through the desert of life presently.


You have a choice to make; either throw in the towel or persevere in the hope that God can bring in good.


Yes, I pulled out the dried leaves after the others came alive. But I am grateful for what I have available now, I know that with time it will bring forth more branches again.


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