Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the body of Christ through the teaching of the gospel in its totality, as the gospel preached in its fullness has the capacity to transform lives.

We aim to contribute to the total growth of the christian woman so that she can be God’s instrument of Revival in her home, church and where ever she finds herself.


We run annual Women Conference for ladies from different backgrounds every third Saturday in June.

We also run regular free discipleship classes for ladies from different church groups as we point them back to the work Christ did on the cross of Calvary.

Finally we run a regular podcast (Women in Revival) to help and equip the modern day woman to live the life that God expected of her; a life that is free through what Christ did at the cross.


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At the wine press came forth wine. At the wine press, is the crushing of the grape.

May you find encouragement to quench your thirst here at the wine press.  Amen