Hymns for Parents


1. God gave to me a seed and said,

Take this child and nurse him,

At my return I hope I’ll get,

A godly seed in him.          See more

1. Make me Nurturer oh Lord,

Grant me grace to feed Your lamb,

Cause me to hear You daily,

 Saying feed My lamb and sheep.    See more




1. Lord we seek Your face now for the next generation,
Lord, give us young women that came from the Cross
Young women of virtue of Cal-vary,
Young women of piety, we ask from You our God.  See more



1. Take our young men Lord,
Make them men of valour,
Young men of passion from the cross,
Where Christ gave them victory.  See more

1. The passing on of Calvary baton

Must not elude our own generation

Lord help us to pass on this great treasure

To the next gene-ration to come  See more

1. God of my childhood, God of my teenage years,

You are the God of my journeys on earth,

You are the God of all seasons and age groups

You in me dwell, then my journey’s secure.  See more