For Tweenage Girls

Be the queen no more!

31st July 2018

Girl children tend to rule the roost at home in food, clothes, games, etc. I certainly did in food until my mum took a stand. Nowadays, even though it seems that parents are now finally ruling over children, girls are becoming more and powerful in the home. Many children get everything they want from their parents and if they don’t get it they howl or make a fuss. This even happens in Christian homes like my own.  Read more

Spend it wisely while alive

1st August 2018

Ok, so imagine this, you’re rich, you live in a grand palace, with grand clothes, grand wardrobes, grand stairs, grand servants, grand everything! Great, right? But one day, a very poor person comes to your palace and says, “You may have grand clothes, shoes, and stairs, but you don’t have grand contentment.” What would you feel like? Angry? Sad? Proud? This small story shows that contentment isn’t found in palaces, or riches. Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess. They vow that if they were princesses they would always be content. But actually, sometimes having a lot of money and stuff, makes you see the shabbiness of other things, and then you want more stuff!  Read more

It's not yours!

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Every single girl wants to live the dream life, and sometimes, we start to think about what others have. Like if your neighbour has a new bike, you want that too. Now, you’re going to have to admit it. That’s coveting. Wanting what your neighbour has isn’t exactly wrong, but then making that your primary focus in life is wrong. Life doesn’t depend on whether you get what you want or not. These things don’t determine your life.   Read more

Choose friends wisely!

One of the most important things that we need to take notice of is who we choose to be our friends. Friends can influence us a lot. There are good and bad friends. Some help you do right, while some tell you to do wrong. If you choose a bad friend they may tell you to do stuff such as stealing, lying, bullying, while if you choose good friends, they will encourage you to do right, and tell you not to do wrong.  Read more

Watch your Words: Speak Respectfully

What you say is very important. When you speak to people, you should speak respectfully. For example, when you speak to someone who is older than you, you should say, Good morning, Miss_ or, Good afternoon Mr_.

You see, we should be polite, using words as please, thank you, etc. When you say something respectful, you will show others that you are a Christian which actually means Christlike. Paul was called this in Antioch because he was acting like Christ.

Speaking respectfully to those older, and even younger than you is what Christ would do. The Bible says, Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father. Talk to younger men as you would to your own brothers. 1 Timothy 5:1. Read more

Hi tweens! It’s soooo great to be speaking with you again.

If you have been following this blog (Which hasn’t been running for some time) you would know that the last blog post was called ‘Watch Your Words: Speak Respectfully’. This article is a continuation of that blog post. Today, I’ll be talking about speaking good words.  Read more

What do you read? I mean this seriously, what do you read. Some of us are apt to read, while some of us, not so much. Which category are you in? I’m in the read a lot category. I love reading. I read fiction, non-fiction, Christian biographies, (They are interesting you know) mystery, real life adventures, Christian books, circular books, I could go on and on. As tween girls, we fall into one category or another. Read more

What do you watch?

Last time I asked you, what do you read? I have another question for you today, ‘What do you watch?’ I watch different things, secular and Christian. But what about you? Do you watch things that are demonic, do you watch things promoting LGBT? Do you watch things that promote things like lying, stealing, killing? If you do, and even if you don’t, this Bible verse may help you. Psalms 101:3a I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.  Read more

Hello girls! Once again, I’m starting with a question! This is the question; ‘What music do you listen to?’ This is what I’m asking you. Before you put on your headphones or wear your earphones, do you actually think of what you’re going to be listening to? Today, we have two Scriptures that can help you if you find yourself ‘stuck in  rut’ with what you listen to.  Read more