Mary deepen her root in Christ in the times of Persecution

AD 44. Emperor Claudius is in charge and Herod Agrippa rules over the province of Judea.  A dark cloud hung over the fledgling church. James the Elder has just been assassinated by Herod, and Simon Peter has been imprisoned, likely to suffer the same fate. This is only the beginning of a long history of persecution for the Christian church.

Mary, the mother of John Mark lived in a hard time for Believers. Persecution was growing, James had been martyred, and Simon Peter had been imprisoned.

In a situation like this, it’s easy to give up and abandon church and faith. But not for Mary.

Mary used the time of adversity to grow her root into Christ and deepen her root into the community of believers. Life adversities usually takes women away from God and from christian fellowships, but Mary the mother of John Mark dwindled not in faith, rather, she grew from strength to strength.

If you find yourself in persecution or in a difficult situation in your home, health, finances, vocation etc, what would you do? Or maybe you are already in a kind of adversity, how are you handling it?

Adversity or life difficulties should take you deeper in the Lord Jesus, because it is in Him alone that strength and focus is found. The deeper the water of life afflictions, the deeper you are meant to go into God. The enemy would be glad to see you quit God, and quit fellowshipping with other Christians, this is because he knows that if only he can isolate you, then he can conquer you totally.

Mary, the mother of John Mark was a woman like you and I, she lived at a time when life was difficult for Christians, yet, her name entered the Bible because she was a faithful christian woman in season and out of season. You can’t read the book of Acts 12 without encountering Mary the mother of John Mark. God wants your life to be a parable to many others that will hear of you in years to come. Would you draw closer to Him though you are currently going through a difficult time? He awaits you, but don’t keep Him waiting.

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