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The call of a ministry wife

Without any shadow of doubt, ministry can be very demanding and challenging at the same time. As ministry wives, we must know and understand our callHe who called us, and His purpose for calling us. As I think of our role as ministry wives I see our call to ministry in this fold:

  1. A call to walk closer with God.
  2. A call to walk closer with our husbands
  3. A call to work closer with our children
  4. A call to support the ministry committed to our husbands. Read more

A call to walk with God

Your primary call to ministry must begin from here. You cannot afford to depend on your husband’s walk with God. You have a personal need of discovering God for yourself. The life of Elisabeth the wife of Zechariah depicts this. She and her husband had individual and corporate walks with God. Read more

A call to walk closer with our husband

Last time, we talked briefly on our call as ministry wives and prioritising life in accordance with God’s goal for us. This time, let us look at –A call to walk closer with our husbands. Read more

A Call To Walk Closer With Our Children

One of the big challenges for ministry families is the challenge of their children, it is widely believed that most ministers’ children turn out contrary, should this be true of you? No, it doesn’t have to be true of your children.

Considering the order of what we have looked at so far, you will notice that your call as a ministry wife is first to the Lord, your husband and now your children. Your children are not to be the goal of your life, nor the focus of your home, God is the focus.   Read more