Favour is defined as the condition of being regarded with approval or good will. To have favour is to be known, to be respected, to be loved.

It is a natural thing for any human being to want favour from family, peers and society, but often, women lose sight of the one person’s favour they should be truly pursuing. The favour God bestows on mankind is such that many haven’t tapped into.

Are you in pursuit of favour from men? Are you compromising your faith at the expense of wanting favour from someone?

Social media is also a form of seeking favour. People share posts and stay on the lookout for likes, subscriptions, responses. And many women spend an enormous amount of time watching their posts and keeping their eyes on the latest trends to see how many likes and shares they have and how many people are talking about their posts.

Most of the things shared or posted on social media platforms are not the true reality of the person who posted it. No wonder Proverbs 31:30 says ‘favour is deceitful’.

It may charm you for a while; your efforts to get favour may charm for a while, but it either ends in nothing or yields you something, but later causes you much sorrow.

The best favour a woman can trust and rely on is that which God Himself gives, and that is Himself. He favoured us in giving us Jesus to save us from our sins, and through Jesus, -who is the Favour of God- we receive every other favour in accordance to His will for us.

Are you pursuing favour? Have you discovered Jesus, the Favour of God to humanity?

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