No colt no Revival

No colt no Revival

31st July 2018

Welcome to our new website, we look forward to what the Lord will be doing through this site.

It is becoming clear again that God needs men and women for Him to come to our nations and the nations at large. Christ is on His way to your family, church and community, will He find for Himself a colt?

In Matthew 21, Christ was on His way to Jerusalem and had to stop when He got to Bethpage and asked His disciples to go to a particular village to get Him a colt to ride into Jerusalem.

Christ had to put a pause to His journey to Jerusalem until a colt was found and brought for him to ride on.

If you look back to see how God moved from the Bible times, you will notice that before God moves, He partners with humans, and it is very humbling to find that God the maker of heaven and earth decided to partner with mere man.

In the time of Jochebed, God found Jochebed to give birth to Moses, and in Mary’s time God found Mary to carry the God-man in her womb.

The same thing happens on this journey. Christ was going to Jerusalem, the scripture in Zechariah 9:9 needed to be fulfilled, and in order for this to come to pass Christ stood still until a colt that was tied down was found.

To see revival also in our time, God seeks lives that He will work upon and walk through and walk with into His Jerusalem.

Are you available to meet the Master’s need?