The call of a ministry wife

The call of a ministry wife

31st July 2018

Without any shadow of doubt, ministry can be very demanding and challenging at the same time.

As ministry wives, we must know and understand our call, He who called us, and His purpose for calling us. As I think of our role as ministry wives I see our call to ministry in this fold:

  1. A call to walk closer with God.
  2. A call to walk closer with our husbands
  3. A call to work closer with our children
  4. A call to support the ministry committed to our husbands.

This was Eve’s call too in the beginning, but she misplaced her priority and got closer to the enemy of God’s call upon her life.

As ministry wife, are there challenges you are facing now? Is your ministry becoming burdensome? Are your relationships suffering?  If yes to any of these questions, have you tried to look at the above various folds of your calling? Is there any weakness, gap, or misplacement of this order?

The call to ministry is wonderful and a trust to keep for the Master, we must watch over this ministry in order of priority.

I have personally found this order to be very helpful as a ministry wife. I hope to expand more on each of these folds as you follow us on this page.