What is a home?

What is a home?

I have had the opportunity to read from the lives of many ministry wives, and their input into their homes. Some of such women are Anne Ortlund, Elizabeth Prentiss, Susannah Wesley etc. and I realised how these women who were also ministry wives perceived their homes and their roles in that home.

The dictionary defines the home as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Therefore, a home is a place where you are free to be you; you act the way you really are, you eat, drink, sleep the way you would in your home.

The home is a place you go back to rest after a long day out. The home is the place where children are raised and reared for the outside world. It is a place where you find acceptance.

You share your fear, difficulty, challenge and success easily in your home.

Grace to go out and face this difficult world is cultivated in the home, the home to me seems to be a quiver where arrows are kept. And it is with this understanding that caused me to take my home serious. I realised that all that I will be and do in the Kingdom comes out of my home. The first primary place God intends me to be relevant is first in my home.

Though we live in a time where homes are no longer treated as sacred gifts from God, unfortunately that was never God’s plan. The first woman was made in the context of a home (Garden of Eden).

God still values and recognises the home, particularly a Christian home.

Your home as a minister do not necessarily need many rooms, lager gardens etc. even though these are very useful, yet, you can have gadgets and resources in your home and yet not suitable for its dwellers to enjoy.

Proverbs 17: 1 says Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife. (NIV)

A home is a place where people retire to take away the daily stress of life, the home is the place where destinies are cared for, and shaped for, for the outside world, and the home is the place where we find succour and protection after a harsh and challenging day outside. A home is a place where its dwellers are free to be themselves, it is a place they feel belonged and accepted.   The home is the cradle where tomorrow leaders are rocked, it is the place where a ministry wife office starts from. Is there a home in your home?