Woman – Life Carrier

Woman -Life Carrier

6th August 2018

Why woman O Lord? God is the Creator of women. And what an amazing Creator we have, He created the woman with a womb, making her different from the man as He put in her that which allows her to carry life.

What a wonderful Maker our God is, He made woman to be able to carry life, what an amazing task for God, thinking of how the life grows from an egg until it becomes a baby, it is really indescribable, to have a life growing in you.

This was God’s intention and still His design for the woman to be a bearer of life, she is meant to support life and not to kill life, she is meant to support child birth and not the killing of children in the womb.

Though there is an epidemic in our time against babies, yet, we cannot remove the Manufacturer’s design in making the woman to be a life carrier.

Positioning a house in her to carry a child till the time, was part of His design for the woman. Childbearing is not supposed to be an epidemic as is seen today. Child bearing is a gift from God, children are God’s heritage. Ps127:3

It is a privilege to be a woman. A deep understanding of what God made in you will cause you to pursue God who designed you inside out.

Labour not to be a life terminator but be God’s own kind of woman- carrying life till term, and supporting those who are carrying life in their womb.

Jesus said the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Christ came to give life abundantly. This is the pursuit of every godly woman, to give life as Christ gave life. Imagine if Mary refused to carry Jesus in her womb, if Christ was not given birth to as a child, what if the mother terminated Him in the womb? What would have become of the salvation of mankind?

May you be challenged to be a life carrier, for that is God’s plan for womanhood.