Beautiful Feet?

Beautiful Feet?

31st July 2018

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring goodnews.

I first heard this Bible verse from my sister when she came to me and said “Did you know the Bible says that those who bring good news have beautiful feet?” I did not believe her, but she told me to look it up; I checked the Bible and found out it was true.

I was shocked and confused. I did not understand the meaning of that verse. In the days when the Bible was written most messengers did not wear shoes when they were sent to tell someone news. I tried to solve the true meaning of this verse but with no avail.

Then a few weeks later, I was meditating on what I had learned in my personal time with the Lord that morning and opened my Bible to the verses I had studied. Those verses happened to be 2 Samuel 18:19-23.

In these verses Joab had just won the battle against Absalom, David’s son and the usurper of the throne, and wanted to tell David the goodnews. While he was choosing someone to go and tell David the good news, Ahimaaz, Zadok the Priest’s son, begged Joab to send him. Joab sent Cushi, a servant, but Ahimaaz still begged Joab to send him, so Joab sent him.

Ahimaaz didn’t have to go, Joab had already sent Cushi to go. But he was still ready and eager to go to share the goodnews. The fact that someone had gone was not a reason for Ahimaaz to give up going to spread the goodnews.

How eager are you to share the good news that Jesus died and resurrected for the whole of the human race? How eager am I? You may say God has already sent his Cushi: the pastors and those in ministry. Maybe it is so, but God also needs his Ahimaaz’ who will go out into the streets and tell people the goodnews. I have truly found out how beautiful are the feet of those who bring goodnews.

May we all be God’s Ahimaaz’. Amen

S.D.G. (Soli Deo Gloria)


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