In times like this

In times like this

From Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March 2020

  1. Day 1: Let your root go deep in Christ. Women in Revival PODCAST 8:32
  2. Day 2: Focus on God's will for your life. Women in Revival Podcast 11:07
  3. Day 3: Set your eyes on Jesus Women in Revival Podcast 8:47
  4. Day 4: Set your mind on things above. Women in Revival Podcast 7:00
  5. Day 5: Open your eyes to see heaven's company Women in Revival Podcast 14:57

One thought on “In times like this

  • 27 March 2020 at 17:47

    I am greatful for this timely material. it suits the pain or panic of this time.Thank you so much and may God continue to increase and bless this work in your hand..


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