Making the most of our mother and son relationship by O. Nwokwoye

Sharing things that I have learnt not necessarily things I practised as the mother of now grown up children. 

So, the questions are:

As women/mothers that have been brought to the Cross of Christ, where we died with Christ, and Christ is now living in us,

  1. What is the role of mothers in their sons life?

I like this picture, which we have used in this forum previously. There is something to be said in the scripture referring to Jesus in Is 53. ..He grew up before him as a tender plant

Mothers are that stake that holds a tender plant from being broken by the onslaught of the world around them with much grace from our heavenly father. As our sister, Elna said earlier on, are we mirroring the likeness of Christ to our boys in our character, choices and communication? In my opinion a relationship based on good and godly communication is one of the bedrocks of the mother and son relationship. It’s a mother’s prerogative to intensely study her son from birth and help him blossom through the various stages he passes through.   I now have the pleasure of learning from my friend who has a young boy. Among other resources, she used was a book I had  when mine were young but did not manage to either read or use. My friends son loves to give his time, shares his adventures, give her gifts, and as she affirms and encourages this sometimes seemingly intrusive qualities, what a joy to behold.

  1. What is the implication of not playing this role?

It is hoped that as bible believing mums  we would at least be playing that role to a certain degree. If we have total abdication of that role, then we have serious issues in the home and in society at large.

  1. How can we cultivate mother/son relationship with our boys?

Be focused, seek feedback by being open and approachable, educate yourself and constantly rely on the Holy Spirit. Seek out an older believing lady with boys. 

  1. What are the practical things to discuss with our boys and how can we do that?

No topic should be out of bounds with your boys. I learnt the hard way. Help them identify how the world is impacting on their mindset and empower a sense of worth in being different. Cloths labels, influence of friends, alcohol consumption, (with the church in the west so confused) may the Lord help provide unity in the home where father is present. All this is against a daily habit of going before the Lord and His word as a family. Invaluable is your family time in sharing testimony of God’s faithfulness. Boys are practical. write testimonies down and make it a habit to repeat, repeat, repeat all the amazing answer to prayers you will experience as a family. Even those others share with  you. 


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