The allegory of vaccination in view of constraining Christ

One of the things I am grateful to the Lord for giving me, is the joy of constraining Him before calamity strikes. Your life journey is not without its pains and woes, but pains and woes are well handled when Christ Jesus has been given His rightful place in one’s life. You know that sometimes you have to go for vaccinations or medications if you are intending to travel to places they called high risk. Why? This is to form a kind of protection for you as you journey through those places.

The fact that you have taken the vaccine or anti malaria tablet, etc. does not mean that mosquitoes and the various dangers are not there, but you are protected against it, and even when you contract malaria or any of these sicknesses, you will probably not suffer the effect that much. As you know, taking vaccine or Anti malaria tablets etc. may not stop you from contacting malaria, but it might help ease it.


If people take precaution and get a vaccine for the journey ahead of them, even when the vaccines are not 100%, how come you want to neglect the need to constrain Christ Jesus? You need Him while the going is good or bad.


Will you constrain Him?






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