Travelling Through The Year in Truth

From Monday 2nd – Friday 6th January 2023

  1. Day 1: Journeying without the Truth Women in Revival Podcast 15:22
  2. Day 2: The effect of lies - it steals from you Women in Revival Podcast 10:49
  3. Day 3: The effect of lies - It wounds Women in Revival Podcast 14:01
  4. Day 4: The effect of lies - It leaves you imbalance Women in Revival 14:31
  5. Day 5: The source of lies Women in Revival 12:25

One thought on “Travelling Through The Year in Truth

  • 7 January 2023 at 15:45

    I remember last year, early in the year like this you sent a podcast. It was on something connected to presence of God. That became my theme for the year.

    It helped me through the year.


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