What seed is planted in the middle of my heart?










Getting back to our picture of our life as a garden͙

I might have a tree planted in the middle of my heart, after all, I gave my life to God but what is springing up all around me?

I’m I planting TV seeds, Facebook seeds, advice from others, general books I read, appraisals from others? Why is it that we are so eager to check WhatsApp or other messages before we look at the most beautiful love message ever written?

The Reality is like this:  If I want to be an OAK tree, I need to plant THE SEED that will grow INTO an oak
tree. We don’t need to lock ourselves up in a glass box and not enjoy our lives, we are in THIS WORLD but we need to be reminded that we’re not OF it.

The ONLY SEED that can produce Oaks is the Word of God.

I wonder if any of you have ever been in this situation

“Mummy, where is my book bag? Where is my book bag mummy??? Mummy, what have you done with my book bag???”

You BREATHE IN and respond:

“There it is Jean-Paul” (and point)

Mummy is busy peeling and chopping potatoes, stirring the onions & minced meat in the pan, trying to walk with Joshua clinging onto one leg like a Panda bear and thinking how am I going to thicken this cottage pie meat bit because we’ve ran out of bisto gravy granules!!! Having more than one thing on my mind, the only thing that comes out is “THERE”

But Jean-Paul is looking down (not up towards my hand signal) and is expecting this mummy to not only
show him but with my audible voice explain to him step by step the method to finding the solution to his
problem. He wants to hear “Jean-Paul, look in the North-Westerly corner of the kitchen, next to the cupboard with the all the cake sprinkles on the top shelf and all the table cloths that should actually be in the charity box, NEXT to THAT cupboard, underneath the little old school desk, THAT is where you will find, your book bag!

Isn’t that just how we are with God?  We ask and ask and pray and pray for answers and God is saying
“THERE” and we keep saying where dear Lord, please show me what I need to do, where I must go͙

–     This word is alive and active and sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb 4:12) that will accomplish

everything it sets out to, it produces fruit & CAN NOT return void!   (Isaiah 55:11)

For these words to be “  CTIVE”, we need to play an ACTIVE part and PLANT the seeds

–     It’s a lamp onto our feet, a lamp that never runs out! (Psalm 119:105)

–     It’s our weapon!  (Eph 6:10)

It’s so easy to sing that very old song “No weapon form against me shall prosper,   LL those who rise up against me shall fall!” YET, only pick my weapon up when I’m in need.


Can I encourage us all to take this powerful life breathing word of God and make it priority in our lives?  May I challenge myself and everyone reading this blog today, to plant life giving seeds every day and see how God’s blessings starts to flourish and flow in our lives.  There are hidden treasures in the Bible, hidden for HIS people, not from them͙ let’s tap into the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and strive to live a life that shines for Jesus!

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