A Letter of encouragement to Christians all over the world by Cristo O

{This letter is written to Christians (And Unbelievers) and for any time of need, but specifically for this year-2020-and Covid19. It is to encourage Christians to stand firm in Christ and to protect themselves with Christ’s blood.}

Dear Brethren,

What inspired me to write this letter is the times we are in. These times are full of fear and helplessness, but yet, I believe we can find hope. That is why I write this letter in the hope that it is received with joy.

The first thing I would like to deal with is the matter of Covid19. This is a matter that is spoken of everywhere, including on the News, at church (Online mostly), and in our homes. I must first say that as Christians we must be a good example to others.

We must not be stumbling blocks. Rom14:13 Paul himself says this. For example, many of us Believers decide not to follow simple hygiene requirements, such as washing hands, staying at home, etc. using the excuse of Christ’s atonement. Please, I supplicate you, set a good example for our fellow Believers, and do not test God. Matt 4:7  

Then, contrary to the aforesaid brethren, some of us decide to spread rumours on Covid19. I supplicate you too to not be stumbling-blocks. Don’t just be sharing news about this pandemic, but be careful and conceal news, do not be sharing random things.

Now, I have dealt with wrongdoings, let me give you advice on how to act during these hard times. Many of us are self-isolating, and wondering where God is in all of this, well, my answer is this, He’s here, right where we put Him, outside of our homes, outside of our governments, outside of our schools, even outside of our churches! How can we expect God to help us now, while we have been ignoring Him for so long? Even now, governments are passing laws to legalize home abortions, and transgender teaching in our classrooms.

 How can we expect God to help us now? Yet, God is still willing to help us, but we must first turn to Him, and turn away from our evil deeds. You look at the Israelites, Judges 1-21 They did wrong, but then always went back to the LORD after. You might laugh at them, and wonder how they could keep doing wrong when God was punishing them, but, is that not our generation? Do we not keep going back to our vomit? Prov 26:11   Now, we must turn to God in such a time as ours.

And to the Christians, I say this, now more than ever, you must share the Good News, and pray. You might ask, How am I supposed to share the Good News of Jesus? My Answer is this, this generation is the most blessed generation ever. We have Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. In fact, we can use simple WhatsApp, to share the good news. Update your status, send a message, just share the Gospel! Souls are going into eternal fire! This Covid-19 is killing people who don’t know the LORD! We have no excuse!

 And about the matter of prayer, as I said, we need it now more than ever. The more praying people, the better! Only God can fix this! The government are clueless, we are in a horrible state, I must be straight about that. Yet, God is here, He is waiting for us to come and supplicate Him! We can’t give up! Be valiant warriors!

Let me leave you with this last thought, the lives of people may depend on you. May the LORD bless you and keep you. Amen.

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