Are you still with the accursed thing?

The other night, my husband and I were doing our bedtime reading. We were reading Joshua 7, and we saw how what seems to be victory for a person may become otherwise. When a woman takes that which is accursed, she makes herself vulnerable to the enemy.

When a woman covets what is not hers, she opens the door of her life to the enemy to come and afflict her. Women have taken many accursed things like unlawful relationships online, and even married women engage in affairs outside their husbands.

Some get social funds that do not belong to them. Some go all the way to encourage their husbands into illegal marriages for the sake of citizenship while many have even opened their hearts to Eastern religions in order to meet a present need in their lives, but for you, whatever the accursed thing might be in your life, must be thrown away. Amen.


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