As we finish our recent podcast “Our Nearest Kinsman”, may I challenge you to reconsider where you are standing. Are you still in the Moab of this world or have you migrated to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son?

Times are changing, and nations are changing, but one thing remains, which is that God doesn’t change. Ruth, an idolater, left her idol worshiping background to go and hide under God’s wing. This means she left her past life style, she left the guilt of her past actions and embraced a new way of life in Bethlehem Judah. 

As a reader of this blog, are you still in Moab, the place of sin and worldliness, are you still bound to the pain of your past sins, are you still attached to the shame of your past deeds? God says, follow me into my plan for you. When Ruth followed on to Bethlehem Judah, she knew there was a near kinsman for her as she learnt to live life according to the covenant of Grace community. She became redeemed and made her way into God’s roll call. What is your present life story, what is stopping you from giving your life to the Lord Jesus? Now is the time of salvation, now is the accepted time for you. Orpah went back and never to be mentioned again, but Ruth pressed on to follow God, and now, her story has inspired and is still inspiring many across the world and across different generations.

Will you give God a chance today? 

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