Fashion: Ripped Jeans

Have you thought of the latest fashion trend? Many people wear jeans and there are all types of jeans. Today, we shall be looking at one type of jeans, tattered/ripped jeans. I shall talk about the two different types of torn jeans called distressed and destroyed jeans.

Distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are really normal denim jeans given a worn out look in making it. Jeans are faded on purpose. Sometimes, these processes are taken to an extreme, fraying hems etc., creating fraying and even ripping and tearing the denim. First word you hear in the name is distressed. Who would buy jeans that are called distressed jeans? Well, obviously people do buy it, or the shops wouldn’t sell it. But, what’s the point? The jeans aren’t going to last long anyway.

Destroyed jeans

Destroyed jeans are jeans that have ragged edges and holes in them plus worn-out sections. As you can guess from the name, these jeans go over the top. They are really torn in many different places. You can see why they’re called ‘destroyed’, and the weird thing is, you pay more for torn jeans than normal ones. He that hath discernment, let her discern this.

So why do people buy these jeans? They do so because they’re fashionable. Why are they fashionable? They are because this world’s views are different from a Christian’s view. Personally, I would never wear something like it because it’s torn. What’s the point of buying jeans that are already torn on purpose? I think that these jeans are a rip off. You buy them, and it doesn’t last half as long as the whole jeans do. And you pay more for it! Because these jeans are torn, there is no point in buying it. Normal jeans get torn in the end and you do not wear them again when that happens.) Why then is the enemy playing upon our minds, making that which is silly look good to us?  All through the Bible, tearing your clothes was for mourning. Like 2 Samuel 1:11-12 GNT says this, David tore his clothes in sorrow, and all his men did the same. 12 They grieved and mourned and fasted until evening for Saul and Jonathan and for Israel, the people of the Lord, because so many had been killed in battle.

I do not think that the people who wear torn trousers are in mourning, or are depressed, nor ever desired to be depressed, distressed or troubled. You would not like to be classified as one I’m sure. Worst of all, it is not what a Christian should wear, for the Bible says our bodies are the temple of God. If that is so, then we should take care of our bodies, and not display it for the world to see. Do not follow the whims of the world. Read this through and think over these reasons not to wear or buy these jeans. Parents, do not buy or endorse the use of these, teenagers, do not wear or buy these, children, do not wear or ask for these. Be wise.

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If you listen to advice and are willing to learn, one day you will be wise. Proverbs 19:20 GNT

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