Parents, be mindful of the Birthstools

There can be no greater time for parents to travail in prayer for their children than this our time. There are crucial birthstools our children are at or will be, and we need to be well informed and act appropriately. Some of these crucial birth stools all children go through are academics, the teenage years etc.

Every child in life comes to this birth stool of academics. In UK a child stays with her parents up to the age 3 or 4 and half and then starts school. No parents want their children to be uneducated. The school is the birth stool for every parent to birth their child academically. This is where they are birth into their career in life. This becomes a very big issue for every Christian parent who knows that sooner or later their children have to start school. You can’t avoid this. If not at the primary level where the child is birth to elementary knowledge, he or she will go through the secondary school or even still the University.

The enemy always come into this birth stool (The school) by introducing terrible teaching materials for example – ‘the wizard cast the spell on 5 girls out of 10 girls how many girls are left’? The indoctrinating of our children with gender matters is becoming intense in many of our schools.

At times schools uses materials like high school musicals and other worldly music to bring ‘home’ some teachings to our children. Therefore, if a parent is not practically there for his or her child something ungodly is been birthed into that child.

I believe every child must be well prepared at home spiritually, morally etc. even before starting nursery, because you will never have your child all day all year with you after 3 to 4 and half years if you are intending to send him/her to school. The child will start to leave you for at least 2 and half hours a day for a whole school term, if you count that, that’s quite a lot of hours to birth something into an innocent child. 

This is a grave issue to me. One day on my way from my child’s school, having dropped her at school, I said to myself that I must trust God again to help me with my second child, for God gave me a whole three years to lay foundations that no man can build what is not right on with my first child and I looked back and say did I fulfill it? I can safely say the Lord did helped me to lay aright.

I want to beg every parent to sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed in order to prepare your child for that birth stool (the school). The moment some teenagers gain admission into the University they adopt the mannerism of the campus; this is because the enemy has placed his own midwives over this birth stool.  Money will not give your child the immunity he or she needs to succeed this birth canal. Quitting job and even ministry is worth it. It’s only for a season. You may say ministry as well, yes ministry is sweet and glorious when you have children whose lives are testimonies to the messages you take to people. Many are ministers who have lost the one or two souls God has given them in their homes while they pursue crowds. We must be wise…………for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Luke 16:8.

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