God’s world – our sure hope of raising godly children.

As I thought of the challenge of raising godly children in our present world, it brought to mind the letter of Paul to pastor Titus. The book of Titus proved to us that their present world was anti Christian, just as ours is.

In verse 1 of chapter 2, Paul challenged Titus to teach what accords to sound doctrine.

The antidote to our present world is the Word of God. We must teach our children what portrays sound doctrine.

Why is the word of God the necessary tool to help your child in this present world?

  1. It is ever relevant: Just as the word of God was relevant for the past generation, so it is relevant for our present world. Time may change, seasons may change, your child may change, but the word of God is immutable.

You can bank on it for the successful raising of your children. It is ever relevant for time past, time now and time future.

By it, Biblical men and women raised their children despite the world they were living in.

Will you also trust on this immutable word of God?

Will you depend on the immutability of the word of God?

  1. It is Sharper than any two-edged sword.

The word of God can go deep, it can cut through what your mere words cannot do in your child’s life.

Use God’s word to correct wrongs.

Point your child back to Biblical characters or verses of the Bible that deal with issues that affect him or her.


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