The choices you make today will affect your future

I was doing a Bible plan with some friends, and we were looking at Elimelech’s choice in a time of famine.

As I looked at it, what stood out for me is the fact that the choices I make today will not have impact only on me, but also on others. In fact, looking back to the beginning in Genesis, the choices Adam and Eve made had impact on them and on the entire human race.

Sarah and Abraham also chose wrongly in taking Hagar to wife in order to secure a seed, and the impact was upon their marriage and it is still upon our generation today as we see the damage caused by the sons of Ishmael.

We are daily faced with choices and decisions to make, and how wonderful would it be if we made decisions and choices not just looking at the immediate issue facing us but rather focusing on the future outcome of the choices we make today.

Which decision are you about to make? Which choice are you making now as a single or married woman? Why are you in a rush to marry? Why in a rush to divorce?

Why not take time to seek the heart of God over the decision you are about to make.

It is my prayer that the Lord will help you not to make rash decisions, but to commit your way unto the Lord. Amen

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