Bathsheba – a woman of influence

The last chapter of Proverbs has been quoted and taught multiple times in countless generations.

Proverbs chapter 31 imparts timeless truths for sons and daughters, mothers and fathers.

 Truths that transcend time, that pass the ages and will ever be applicable for every generation.

Bathsheba’s role in the Bible is well known, but often not fully understood. Many knew her to be an adulterer, a reprobate, a stained woman, she participated in the cause of her husband’s death and her son’s. Yet, even she was redeemed by the LORD, and went on to teach her son life principles.

This woman was also the mother of Solomon, the man who asked the LORD for wisdom and in turn became the wisest man to have ever lived.

King Solomon’s untold wisdom can also be attributed to his mother’s teachings, some of which we see in Proverbs 31. She didn’t teach him from her imagination, but from what God had taught her during her lifetime from her mistakes and failures. What about you? What are you teaching your children?

The amount of influence Bathsheba had on his life was so immense that her words were remembered even after her death.

As a woman, you also have influence. What impact are you making on the lives of young people around you? Do you know that your children will benefit from your godly influence?

The book of Proverbs 31 is the teachings, oracles, utterances and prophecies that Bathsheba took time to teach her son, Solomon. What you teach your child today could also become a legacy in his life and to many others. It’s never too late, start teaching your child the inspired word of God.

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