Set you to oversee

One of my family traditions is setting some weeks aside in the year to seek God’s face deliberately. As we did so one time, the Lord brought us Jer 1:10.

The verse came alive to me in a new measure.

The Amplify edition paints it really well for me. It says ” See, I have this day appointed you to the oversight of the nations and of the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” 

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I in the continent, country, city, or street that I am in?  In Acts 17 we read that God determined the bound of our habitation. That means that ever before we were born, God had already determined where we would live.

Why did He put us where we live?  That Jeremiah 1:10 tells us why we are here in our various continents, nations, streets etc. God has set us wherever we are, He has appointed us there as His overseers; He wants us to take oversight of nations and kingdoms. This looks challenging isn’t it? Me, take oversight?

Yet, the truth is that, this is the reason why God has put you where you are as a believer, He wants you to take charge for Him.

He set us as overseers to oversee the earth, this was His initial plan when He made man in the beginning, He wanted man to have dominion. And God’s plan remains the same even now.  This kind of remind me of Ps115:16 which says that God gives the earth to the children of men. This is mind blowing, yet this is an understanding that must come to us daily.

Unfortunately, due to the fall, we became unfit to take oversight of the earth, but as many who believe that God gave His Son Jesus to restore mankind to Him, and as such a person acknowledges the provision of Christ’ death on the Cross and release the oversight of their own lives to Christ, then they are restored to take oversight of the earth for God.

Have you trusted in the Lord Jesus for your salvation and oversight? Are you fully taking oversight of your home, children, neighbourhood and the nations?

In Proverbs, we read of the virtuous woman who watches over her household and Paul also wrote to Titus to charge women to be keepers at home, which simply means taking oversight over their homes, rather than being busy bodies over matters that God did not allocate to them.

If we are not taking oversight of the territory allocated to us by God, the enemy of God will be happy to come and do so, and he will do so woefully. That was what he did in the Garden of Eden.  Are you taking oversight of your home, street, nation and continent?

See you soon as we continue this series of blog.

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