Surrounding myself with godly friends

Hi girls, I am Hadassah, and I will be one of the teenage girls on this blog, I will be sharing my personal quiet time note with you for a couple of weeks or months. I pray that God will challenge you also to pursue God now that you are young.

I will also graciously share my prayers and my mum’s response with you too.

Some weeks ago, I read Solomon 4:1-6 and I saw the godly men Solomon surrounded himself with. He chose godly men to represent him. He did not choose those who were ungodly.

What a challenge this is for me, I must be careful as to who I go along with, for those that I surround myself with will have a negative or positive effect on me.


I pray that God will help me to choose godly friends and that He will give me wisdom just as He gave Solomon. Amen.


My mum’s response

Amen. Godly friends are indeed choices we must make at every stage of life and particularly in our youth years. Friends can cause the path of our life to change. May our Father and our God help you in this choice.


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