Reflection on the life of Mary- the Lord has made room for us

Few ladies pondered on the life of Mary when God sent His angel to announce God’s plan to her. Man had waited thousands of years, and God Himself had waited thousands of years, and finally, He found a young teenage girl that qualified to fit into the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 and God’s declaration in Gen3:15. Here are few thoughts from these ladies:

Woman 1: God is a faithful God, He doesn’t give up or forsake anyone, though man had sinned and kept sinning, God in His mercy was always digging, He always sent help to us and will always reach out to mankind. God wanted to empty us of every Adamic nature that would not allow Him to find space in us. He found Mary whose womb was empty and ready to carry God in human form.

May the Lord find space in us at all times in Jesus name. May our answer be like that of Mary.

Woman 2: “You have deceived her but at the same time I’m going to use her…. And put her in my salvation story… her seed shall bruise your head!”.

How lavishly our Father loves us… it makes me think of Psalm 8:4… what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them?  I never really put emphasis on the fact or thought of Mary giving her consent but reading these words in Luke 1:38 “May Your word to me be fulfilled” puts in in a new perspective for me.

If like the words in the song ‘And the crock crew’, the cock played its part in what Jesus had said, how much more should I not be mindful of playing my part according to the scriptures?  And wow, what a reminder that it is all through the power that is at work within us that we can do anything for Him, so we should never look at what we have to offer because God can take that willing heart, that talent, those 2 fishes and 5 loafs… and multiply it for His glory!!!  Yes, Lord, be it unto me according to Your word.

Woman 3: Mary was declared as a favoured young lady above all others in Israel. Some rightly described her as the greatest woman who ever lived.  While God does not specially tell us the exact qualities He found in her, we believe that we can glean some of them from her actions.

I suppose that the reason we are not told more is so we don’t formulate a list of qualities that are necessary to reach such a position. It is in thirsting and being hungry for righteousness that we are filled. Math 5:6

Hosea 6:3 asks us to press on to know the Lord.  My take is that it is the relationship we develop with the Father through the Son, Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit that lifts us to that place of favour as New Testament believers.  This mixed with the encouragement in Hebrews 4:3 “For we who believed enter that rest” which is by faith.

Woman 4: So true, Mary was a mere young woman who responded “yes Lord” to God’s plan and purpose. It is so easy for me to focus on my inabilities, but how wonderful it is to release my weaknesses and inabilities into His hands so that He can make the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

It still marvels my mind that an ordinary cock fulfilled a part in what Christ foretold concerning Peter and comparing that with Mary a young woman who fulfilled God’s counsel at the set time.

My prayer is Lord, as You seek for women in my time please find me, whatever You found in Mary please plant it in me by your Spirit so that I can be that woman whom You can use to answer the famine in my time. Amen.

Woman 5: Through God anything is possible, He can fulfil His plans, and all He just need is a faithful and willing heart. Mary was obedient and wanted God’s will and not her own. Help me God to have a willing and faithful heart, and to let Your will be done and not my own, and to keep my eyes on You.

Woman 6: Thanks be to God for the plan of Calvary. Through Mary, God brought Jesus Christ into this world, and through Jesus Christ salvation came to us, thank you Lord. Mary was obedient as  she presented herself unto the Lord just as Abraham presented himself when God asked him to sacrifice his beloved son. I am thankful to the Lord my God and His love and mercy upon me that I can understand His word and can live in His love. Amen

Woman 7: God, a father who never gives up on His children. He has also accepted you and me in the beloved as in Ephesians 1:6. He keeps digging and digging and is saying “daughter my spirit in you will give birth to all I have said to you to manifestation.”

On my side, May I accept Your word for me today. Mary accepted Your word which is a seed, and brought forth the living Jesus. I accept Your words today which are seeds according to Luke 8:11. May they grow to bear fruit of love in me. May I also be part of the answer to my generation as Mary was. Thank You father for Your redemptive work even from the Garden of Eden till today.

May He dig out anything that will hinder Him in our lives and find us as His sendable and usable women for such a time as this.


Do you also have any reflection on the life of Mary? Do feel free to send us your response.


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