The other birthstools

The other birth stool (the Teenage years) is as crucial as the academics, as this is the stage that our children are birth into adulthood. This is the time they develop the womanly and manly features that has been lying dormant inside of them. As parents we cannot be ignorant of this birth stage.

A child must be well prepared before this birth stage and every parent must walk and work with their children in this crucial stage. Your past experiences, mistakes, success is very vital to be shared with the child at this stage.  Your intimacy with the girl as a mother is very vital at this stage. There are deep things the girl needs to know through the mother at this stage. Bringing the girl into your world of womanhood is very important, if not, someone else will stand in for you and that may be to your detriment. I believe every good mother must know her daughter’s menstrual circle and follow the same up with her while she’s still under your roof. This is the stage that the mother must carve into the girl if she has not been doing so (…..and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace. Ps 144:12 NIV).  This is the time when virtuous women are carved. The young girl must be helped with her personal hygiene during and after her circle. The reason for being a girl must be carved into her if you haven’t done this before. Relationships and even comportment must be brought to her attention. (See girls –graceful pillars – curriculum for girls…..)

Also the boy needs the full attention of the father as he has a lot to know at this stage from the father. This is the time to help the boy to see that he is meant to bear authority. A boy must be helped with his personal hygiene at this time. This is the time of intensive nurturing (…..our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants 144:12 NIV). See Study oak, Bible study outlines for boys.  If a boy can be well nurtured in his youth he’ll bringforth good fruits in adulthood. A farmer puts fertilizer into what he plants at the tender stage because this is the time when the plant is able to absorb properly and takes all it needs for good productivity.

Many of our Christian boys look up to footballers, musicians to lay hold on something for their today or tomorrow. This should not be so. A father must invite his boy into his world of manhood. Take him to men’s meeting once in a while, discuss with him regularly.

There are many things that the midwives at various birth stools will be presenting to our children in order to kill them. You’ll hear of the government introducing birth controls to these younger ones in their schools. Night crawling, drinking, gangs, dressing like those of the world are what we’ll begin to see in our young girls and boys if we are not arising to take our place.

A parent who is there travailing for the birth of the child at each of these stages is interested in what the child does, and watch where he goes etc.

You’ll see young girls in tight fitted outfit that brings out the shape of their body. Their hairdo must be like that of celebrities. If you as a parent is not watchful, you may be giving birth to another pop star (actually the modern-day teenager will prefer to be a celebrity).

Therefore, this is the time to encourage going out with your boy or girl when you want to shop for your clothes (that’s if you have not been doing so before). Allow the child to choose for you and you’ll be able to say yes this is the type of outfit I wear as a child of God or NO this is not the type of outfit I can wear as a child of God.

You need to let your teenager know that clothing is not meant to add to his or her beauty but just for covering (The real beauty is within. 1Pet: 3-5).

It is my prayer that the Lord help you to be on the guard over the teenagers in your home.

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