The strong man

But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.  Luke 11:20-21  KJV

From another perspective, I see something positive from this verse; a strong man is:

  1. Fully equipped
  2. Always guarding his house. A strong man from this verse is someone who is equipped to guard his house, but where are men and women who are fully equipped to guard their marriages, to guard their families, and to guard their hearts from thoughts that defiles or depress?

Strength is displayed not in nagging, quarrelling, or moving out of marriages, but by guarding that which is committed to one’s hands, that is being responsible.

A strong man is equipped to guard; to be a guardian of family values, a guardian of christian morals and values, a guardian of our young ones, a guardian of purity, a guardian of godly children.

This is what we must ask of the Lord; to make us guardians that are fully equipped to guard.

These we see are Kingdom principles, the enemy knows it, so he borrows this principle, while Christians lack this principle. When the enemy finds a captive, he guards such a life so that the soul escapes not, but for today’s Christians, it is mere noise, in fact, it is even less to guardians of God’s treasures.

 A strong man is an equipped man who guards what is committed to his keeping.

Lord, make us guardians of the Truth, of our homes, of our children, and of souls in our hands. May the Lord raise afresh for the church, guardians of the Truth, guardians of our nations and guardians of godliness.



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