We must always thank the Lord for the sanctity that is in marriage.

What is God’s intention for marriage? God’s intention is that marriage should be the model for our relationship with Jesus, with Him as the groom and us His bride.

With this in mind, a wife ought to know that her husband doesn’t need changing, but she needs to love the Lord as is displayed through her relationship with her husband, for if you say you love God, then through that love for God, you will be able to love your husband.

Having the above in mind, it becomes helpful in your own marriage to reflect on your own conduct towards your husband. Question if your thoughts, actions and words are that of someone married to Christ. Jesus himself said that how can you say you love My Father, if you hate your brother (in Christ)?

Your husband is your brother in Christ (if he is in the Lord), and if not in the Lord, he is still your brother by creation, for your God created him. Therefore, your actions, thoughts, conducts, words etc. towards your husband must reflect that of your duty towards Christ as exemplified in your relationship with your husband.

 Also, I want you to ponder on the fact that if God has put two people together, then no man should separate them. This will help you to focus on seeking the purpose of God for your marriage as you work in partnership with your husband.

God’s plan and purpose for your marriage is that your marriage also serves as a means of sanctifying both you and your husband.
And I pray that you will see your marriage as God’s chosen instrument to help you grow in love and in grace towards your husband (your brother).





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