Why Woman O Lord?

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Womanhood was created by God not to glorify women. Womanhood was created to glorify God. Womanhood was created to reflect the glory of God. Many women have wrestled so much with their womanhood. Many women regretted been made women.  Why this? It is because they do not fully understand what God’s intention is for womanhood. On this page, we shall take each element of  “Why Woman O Lord?”.

May you discover afresh the purpose behind your womanhood. Follow us as we take each of these components. Each week, we shall examine “why woman O Lord.”


Woman - God's creation

Tuesday 31st July 2018

I am one of those people who buys phones or devices and set it up not necessarily using the manual. Though I seem to get it set up, I end up not getting the best out of the device, as there will be options that I never knew of, since I did not read the manufacturer’s manual.

Another of my biggest challenges is DIY, sometimes I read manuals and try to follow the instruction in the manual in setting up a particular piece in my bedroom, living room or garden, but because I do not fully understand the process, I end up building things that are deformed, a shadow of what they ought to be. I therefore end up just patching up with whatever I have built.

These two pictures are the way womanhood has suffered greatly. We lack an understanding of the manufacturer’s design, and while some of us have the manual, we don’t go through it at all. We depend on other people to tell us how to live our lives as women, we depend on our own idea of what womanhood is.  Read more

Woman - Life Carrier

6th August 2018

What an amazing Creator we have, He created the woman with a womb, making her different from the man as He put in her that which allows her to carry life.

What a wonderful maker our God is, He made woman to be able to carry life, what an amazing task for God, thinking of how the life grows from an egg until it becomes a baby, it is really indescribable, to have a life growing in you. 

This was God’s intention and still His design for the woman to be a bearer of life, she is meant to support life and not to kill life, she is meant to support child birth and not the killing of children in the womb.  Read more

Woman - Travailer of Life

As we begin to explore Why Woman O Lord?, we are noting that she is God’s creation, for her to be fulfilled in life she needs to know her Maker and what He intends for her.

We have seen so far that the woman was created by God to glorify God, as she carries life in her womb. We shall also see that she was made to travail for life. The purpose behind her travailing is for life and not the opposite.

The word travail means painful or laborious effort. Here, we see that womanhood is to make effort to see that life comes forth.  Read more


We have come to this aspect of our “Why Woman Oh Lord?”

He who made the woman made her to give life and not to release death. The woman who was made by her designer to give life, did not only travail for death but unfortunately is giving birth to death.

Many women by reason of life afflictions have given death instead of life in such a situation. Read more


Here again we come to this part of our “why woman Oh Lord?”

We are considering Woman – the builder.

God’s intention for womanhood is that she builds.  To build means to construct, put together, strengthen, improve etc.

From the above definition, the woman as a builder is to construct, put together, strengthen or improve.

How is the woman meant to be a builder?   Read more


The ability to nurture is an inbuilt character God ordained the woman with. The word nurture means to foster, care, protect, look after etc.

God, the Maker of the woman made her with the ability to nurture; within her is the womb that keeps or protects an unborn baby till birth, and also within her physiology is the breastmilk, which the Lord endowed her with to nurture her new born baby.  Read more

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