Woman – the nurturer

The ability to nurture is an inbuilt character God ordained the woman with. The word nurture means to foster, care, protect, look after etc.

God, the Maker of the woman made her with the ability to nurture; within her is the womb that keeps or protects an unborn baby till birth, and also within her physiology is the breast-milk, which the Lord endowed her with to nurture her new born baby.

More so, God gave the woman an inbuilt nurturing instinct, so, whether she is married or not, the ability to nurture dwells within her.

A lack of who God made the woman to be, or what God weaved into the woman has caused womanhood to suffer a great blow around the world. But as many that understands this word “WOMAN” has done great exploit for the Lord, and they found joy, peace and fulfilment with their womanhood.

For a woman to fulfil the above as a nurturer, she must first be nurtured. It is advisable that she has an older woman who can input into her life. Reading books, listening to messages of the older lady can be of great help for her own nurturing. Reading other books that are of great impact is also advisable.

As a woman, you must nurture yourself physically by eating balanced diet, look after your physical body. Afterwards, nurture yourself as a single woman, married woman, a mother etc. You must nurture yourself in order to be the wife God intended you to be to your husband.

The woman as a nurturer must nurture herself in line with her child’s academics (She needs to get knowledge of what her child is taught at school, Sunday school etc).  She is to nurture her child at various stages of development e.g. entering school, puberty, getting job, marriage, etc.

She is to nurture other younger women in her church and community.

Womanhood is enjoyed when you the woman understands and equip your heart with wisdom and understanding.

Proverbs 24 verse 3 and 4 says  Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

One of the obstacles between women and enjoying and fulfilling their womanhood is that of ignorance, women lacked knowledge, while some are knowledgeable, but they do not apply the knowledge, nor make use of the knowledge in order to receive the deeper understanding of womanhood.

Your womanhood is a gift with many treasures within, but you can only access the same as you gain understanding. And one of such treasures within you as a woman is that of a nurturer, therefore, go ahead and explore the nurturer God made you to be.






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