Woman, use media for the right course

Media is a good implement if well used in the right manner. It can be a way to approach people who lives far away from you, and you can reach them in a short time without travelling down to see them.

So also, the media can be used as a tool to share the gospel with those within and beyond our environment.

Media can also be used as a means to fellowship with other believers, this can happen through WhatsApp, webinar platforms and many other online meeting platforms. We can use media as a means of learning the word of God as never before, as distance is no longer a barrier to receive gospel centred fellowship.

We can encourage each other on different topics through media, we can discus and share different life experiences and can learn more from each other without leaving the comfort of our homes. We can  also take guidance and counselling through media.

Another way to use media, is to use it as a means of mobilising prayer network, and prayer meetings, and prayer points or prayer focus.

As christian ladies, we can make up our minds as to how we want to use media. You can decide what to post, share and what not to, if a group, e.g WhatsApp group, Facebook group, you can moderate what is discussed and give rules and regulation as to the operating format of your group.

Media can become an harmful tool if wrongly picked by women. May the Lord help us to be wise women who are using media to grow ourselves in our walk with God, in our walk relationship with fellow believers. ………………….. for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.  Luke 16:8b

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