Bathsheba taught her son how to navigate life practically

In today’s society, a good education is imperative for any child to succeed. Parents spend time and money to get their children a ‘good life’, often at the detriment of their family time together.

Bathsheba, who is our focus in this series of blog and podcast for this season also wanted her son to have a good life, so, she took it upon herself to make sure Solomon knew about the things of God and how to find wisdom.

Knowing that there would be people and ideas that would try to harm him as he travelled through life, she warned him ahead of time so that he would be well-prepared to face temptation in the outside world.

In your mothering role, what are you teaching your child? Our society is getting worse and worse. Schools pushed teachings that are not Biblical or morally sound to many of our children.

How can you as a mother prepare your child to withstand the test of time, and stand against the various winds of doctrines that are flowing through our schools, media, and other outlets?

Bathsheba taught her son the practical things he needed to know concerning opposite gender relationship, substance, helping the poor and choosing a virtuous wife.

If Bathsheba saw the need to instruct her son in that generation, you too as a mother must be inspiring your sons and daughters as to how to live in their generation.

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