Bathsheba taught her son on drug and substance abuse

All around us there are warnings, on food packaging, road signs, medications etc. Everywhere you are told what to do and more specifically, what not to do.

This was also true for the mother of Lemuel, Bathsheba. She knew that there were rules her son must follow to live well. That was why she taught him to abstain from wine, and to be careful of his relationship with woman and other things that are necessary for life journey. She knew the danger of alcohol and so taught her child to stay away from it.

Many young people in our society were not taught the danger of alcohol consumption. Homes that were meant to produce godly young men and women who can control themselves, and keep themselves away from alcohol or substances, seems to know not what to do or how to teach and prepare their children against the wiles of the enemy in the area of drugs and substances.

What about you? What are you teaching your child by your words and actions? Are you teaching your sons and daughters abstinence from drugs and substances?

Christian homes must be a safe environment to inform, equip and package children for the future ahead of them. As a mother, seek ways to impart your children for the future ahead of them. If you don’t know hat to do, ask around from other parents what they have practically done with their children and what you may input into your children as they progress through life. And having done all, pray for your child.

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