Blessed is the womb that births…..

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, ‘Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.’  Luke 11:27 NIVUK

This is one of the famines that has faced us in Christendom; the lack of wombs that bear, and carry to term and births. We lack breasts that give suck. If not that we are in lack indeed, where are women discipling women? Women discipling girls? Where are women that read Lam 4:4-5, 2:19 and then arise to be God’s wombs and breast to the thirsty and hungry world? The modern-day church is in need of wombs that bears and breast that give suck.

The blessedness of godly motherhood in the church is the privilege to give suck to the needy in the congregation. Remember Priscilla and her husband bearing and giving suck to Apollo.

Bearing and giving suck involves making women and girls in the church hear the word of God, and not philosophy nor psychology, but sound doctrine.

It involves making sure they not only hear, but that they keep what they hear and live by it. It is living life in accordance with the word of God.


Birthing and giving suck is like discipleship, and discipleship is a dirty job, it needs bending low and getting ones hands dirty with the protégé’s messed-up life, yet, it is not without its blessedness.


Oh, LORD, give us bearing wombs and breasts that gives suck.

Open our eyes to see the souls of women and girls that are languishing in the church.

Give us pastors wives, ministry wives that see the need to bear and nurse.

Cause us not to be busy, so then a greater task is left undone, for many are in church, but know not how to live the Christian life, many are married but know not how to live the married life, many are mothers, but know not how to raise their children.


May you be raised as Christ’ Light that gives light to those in darkness. When God finds wombs that bear, and breasts that will give suck, many deficiencies will be taken out of the way. Blessed shall be the womb that bears and the breast that gives suck. Amen.

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