I believe one of the tools God has given women is the ability to cry.
Often, women have bottled in pain plus mourn, grief, and sorrow inwardly because they should act as ‘mature’ women.

As I read through the Bible, I see that in John 11:35 it says, “Jesus wept.” This was at the time that Christ, the incarnated God, was with Mary and Martha, at the death of Lazarus who was already buried.

The way Jesus demonstrated His humanity at that time with His friends was by weeping. He felt the pain of His friends (Mary and Martha). He identified with them in their pain, He wept. He was going to raise Lazarus back to life, but not without showing emotion to His friends, not without empathising and sympathising with them.

Therefore, if our Lord Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus, I believe as His followers, crying when we need to as women is acceptable. He understands our humanity, He knows our frailty, our pains.
Rather than keep our pains inside and pretend all is well, it is okay for you to cry it out to Him.
Many women in the Bible expressed the pain in their hearts through their weeping. Hannah the mother of Samuel wept in Shiloh as she poured out her pains to the Lord. Mary Magdalene wept at the tomb of Jesus, even John, the man who wrote Revelation, wept because the none could be found to open the seven seals.

I remember some years ago when I mourned the demise of my older sister, I wept, for days, I kept crying, at swimming lessons, when the thought of my sister came to me, I cried, and I remember a sister of mine saw me and came to console me saying, ” Oh, you are still crying, it is OK. “
I am not sure what season of life you are in, maybe you have just received a bad medical report, maybe you are struggling with a child or children, maybe you are having terrible marital issues, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Feel free to weep, feel free to cry, it is not immaturity to express your heart in weeping.

God Himself in Jeremiah 9 asked that some women be called upon, they were called wailing women, and they were to come and weep. This tells you that God understands the making of women in weeping and crying out when hurting or in pain. God does not ridicule us because we weep, but just let your weeping take you back to He who gives joy for weeping.

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