As we seek and trust God for an outpouring upon His church, we must also learn to play our parts of bringing encouragements to others, and particularly our leaders both in the church and secular world.

Oftentimes, we expect so much of preachers or leaders in general. We usually see what is wrong in our pastors, pastor’s children, pastor’s wife etc. but now, we see the need for us to understand that they are people in need also.

I love the Prov27:17 in ICB. It goes this way: Iron can sharpen iron. In the same way, people can help each other.

Preachers of the gospel are iron, and if I am growing under their ministries, I will learn to sharpen them with my words of encouragement. Our pastors, preachers, vicars, etc. need our encouragement.  When last did you tell your pastor/pastor’s wife how what he or she shared blessed you?

This also got me thinking about people in authority like MP’s, Councillors, PM, presidents etc. They may look like very strong people just as iron is, but my encouragement to them may sharpen them so much.

This reminds me of when I had to write a leader of a country at a time when the media was tearing him down, and now, I am seeing that what I did was actually to sharpen him with my encouragement, and the person replied.

Acts 28:15 touched my heart as a leader of God’s heritage, and a recipient of people’s leadership. The KJV says  “And from thence, when the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii forum, and The three taverns: whom when Paul saw, he thanked God, and took courage.”

Is this not beautiful? As great as Paul was, he found courage in the acts of these brethren.

Lord, that we might learn to sharpen men and women in leadership with our encouraging words. Help us to remember them in prayer.

May we be women who pray for leaders, and this includes our husbands. Just as a pencil is sharpened by a sharpener, may we sharpen our fellow brethren.



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