Give not thy seed to Molech

Molech is the Canaanite god, and is identified with child sacrifice. Many cultures have often sacrificed their children to different gods, particularly girls.

Children are God’s precious heritage given to the custody of their parents, but the lack of understanding on the side of parents is what has caused many to sacrifice their children for a passing pleasure.

Maybe our societies are getting modernised, so child sacrifice is not as prevalent as it was before. Yet, even in this our modern-day era, the enemy has created Molechs upon which many of our children are been sacrificed. Though these Molechs of our days vary, the chief of them is Media.

How often young children have been neglected to sit at the front of the T.V, some flip through pages on website, dwindling their time and themselves away, and unfortunately, such children became victim in the hands of the wicked one. Many young people have had terrible experiences on social media.

Worst still is the advent of Smart phones, the which children as young as 12 months old knows which app to press in order to watch a particular programme.

Are we not sacrificing them to our modern day Molech? I am not saying it is wrong for our children to use smartphones or social media platforms, but the point that I am bringing across is at whose supervision is your child allowed to watch that T.V programme? At whose close watch is your child browsing and surfing the internet? At whose guardian is your child taking in garbage from the gods of our days?

Which Molech has captured your child? Is it the Molech of computer games, pop culture, romance? Whatever the Molech, upon whose altar your child is sacrificed must be confronted now, before it is too late.

For if such is not confronted, that child of yours will become defiled, and thereby, will defile and profane the name of the Lord and His sanctuary. Sacrifice not that precious child to Molech.

Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God.  Leviticus 20:7 KJV

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