He who wants to make friends ought to be friendly too

One of the things women usually say is they are not friendly, they do not call etc, but I have also learnt that I must not wait for people to initiate what I desire from them. One of the great gifts that are lacking in the church is genuine sisterhood. Ladies may be busy doing things together but not necessarily connecting, sharing pains, joys and thoughts together. Meanwhile, women are very fruitful as they share life on life together.

How can we engage ladies even though they seem not to be friendly? One thing that I believe is that every woman has what it takes to form a solid relationship.  The serpent understood this aspect of the woman; therefore, He went forth to befriend her.

One of the ways to go about befriending ladies that seem unfriendly is to look for a common ground with them. It may be their children, outfit, cultural background etc.

May we be women who joyfully befriend the outcast, the downcast and the less beloved.    Amen

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