The faithful man ceased

Why are ministers failing, why are pastors getting into depression, is it because we are not upholding them?

How can we uphold our ministers?

  1. Prayer

I believe we have a grave responsibility of holding the hands of our ministers in the place of prayer.  They are the ones who often pray for us, in fact, some of them even have us in their daily prayer routine, but how many of us have them in our prayer routine?

The call and the task of ministry is not without its pitfalls and challenges, but how amazing will it be if you the reader of this blog makes it your priority to pray for your minister. They have need of constant and regular prayer for their children, their spouses, their health, their parents and even the work of God in their hands.

This is an effective way to minister to the needs of your ministers, bearing them up in your prayer. If you do not know how to pray for them, you may approach them asking “how may I pray for you?”


  1. Encourage them

I believe this is another key way of ministering to the needs of your minister, encouraging them, but how can you encourage them? Let them know when they have spoken a word that blessed or challenge you, share with them an aspect of their preaching that really affected you, or that you went home with and acted upon and the effect of that in your life. In doing this, you are not only encouraging your minister, but you are giving him/her fuel to continue to preach with focus.

Oftentimes, in the ministry of Paul, you will see him refer to an encouragement he received from brethren.

It is my prayer for you that having read this blog, that you will make it your job to pray for your minsters and encourage them in your word. May you bridge the gap of truly faithful men of God.


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