Menopause is not an end but a means to an end

Menopause is not meant to be a stigma or stereotype for women, but rather it is a season of change. Aging is part of growth, so as the female reproductive grows in years, God graciously brings the woman into this season of menopause, a time when a woman no longer has her monthly menstrual cycle.

Even though many women experience challenges during this changing process that their body undergoes, still many that are equipped with the blessedness of menopause will find wisdom as to what to do to help them make the very best of that season, for such a woman’s eyes will be opened so that she can have insight to the changes that happen in her body.

One thing that I also feel is good is that women should have compassion for those who are going through the menopausal stage. This stage is not that of burial, though similar, but that of planting, as in planting you expect fruit, so also, a woman in menopause is undergoing a season whereby she is being planted, especially if it is a woman in Christ, she engages God for solution with hormonal imbalance and any other challenges, and as she enter that phase of her life, her life brings forth more fruit to help the lives of younger women.

The menopausal stage is not the end of a woman’s life but the end of her reproductivity, and that stage can also be the beginning of a new season of impacting the younger women.



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