Mum and daughter part 1

Some weeks ago, a few ladies shared their thoughts on Mother and daughter relationship as they reflected on the following questions.

  1. What is the role of mothers in their daughters lives?
  2. What is the implication of not playing this role?
  3. How can we cultivate mother daughter relationship with our girls?
  4. What are the practical things to discuss with our girls and how can we do that?

In our series of blogs we shall look at some of the things shared during this discussion as different mothers responded to the challenge. May you find it a blessing too, and feel free to share your thoughts too on our comment page below each blog post.

Mum and daughter by Elna Z

My role as a mother, I believe, is to pass on the baton of godliness to my daughter.  I realise as I’m typing that I could use the opportunities when praying for others, to involve my daughter and ask her to pray (for non-confidential matters) – something I never do and feel convicted to do so, so that she can see how God answers her prayers too.  It’s so easy to see them as our little kids who are dependent on us instead of reminding them that they are dependent on Him. 

In order to answer question 2, I see that not playing my role can cause my children to struggle later on when they move “out of my wing”.  If I can help them realise under Whose wing they really should be, EVEN whilst they are young, then facing the big wide world will be easier knowing who they are. 

Thirdly, cultivating relationship with our girls, FOR ME, at this stage of our journey, is NOT to point out EVERYTHING she does that is not according to my will.  To ask God to show me all the wonderful things she does and says and to praise her for that… to talk openly about things that matters, to listen and not just talk… to truly listen and to HEAR what it is that she’s sharing with me so that the Holy Spirit can guide me with the correct response. 

Our girls are so precious and it’s so easy to want to protect them from the scary world out there, whilst hurting them ourselves.  My precious girl has asked me before, “Mum, what have I done wrong now?” with tears in her eyes… So, YES, we need to teach them the ways of the Lord and right from wrong, how to sit and dress and interact with others and so on… but may the Lord guide us to teach and then to ZIP it!!!  As for me, I can go ON and ON and ON and ON… you get the message!

Elna Z is a mother of 3, a song writer and much more a disciple of the Lord Jesus who loves her Lord dearly.


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