Song time with my girl  by Elna Z

Last thing… please allow me to share this with you, I believe it might be useful to some of you mothers of girls. I made a little video of  my daughter and myself.  This one is a very practical one that really blesses both of us so much. In order for me to make the video,  I  have this song that’s playing in the background, and it’s “our” song even though it was written for a little girl called Hannah by Rachel Aldous. 

So, when things are tough between us and nothing mummy seems to do works, God has this amazing way of softening both our hearts with this song (amongst all His other wonderful ways).  The last time I played it in her room, we danced together, and it was such a special moment.  If you don’t have a special song you share, look for one or use this one if you think it’s appropriate – At the end she says, “May angels surround you body, spirit, soul” and then I usually correct it by saying that they are all around us but God’s Spirit living in us does not need to be surrounded by Angels.

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