Pondering God’s word

What do you ponder on? I am sure I can safely say we all ponder on something, whether positive or negative. We all at every time of our days, seasons and times think about various things. The rate of depression and anxiety amongst women has gone really high. What are women pondering on? I have come to learn over and over again that what I feast my heart with is what I will fix my heart on. 
For Mary of Galilee, she made a personal choice as to what to feast on, and what to fix her heart on. Since we are constantly thinking of something, what are you feasting your soul with? 
Mary the mother of Jesus fixed her heart on the word of God; she hid many of such things in her heart. Her heart was not a dumping ground for garbage, her heart was a treasure chest of God’s word. May I once again encourage you to feast on God’s word and fix your heart on the same. 

Mary did not just treasure God’s word, but she pondered on it. I have found it very helpful journaling God’s word myself, but I have found that it is useless to write down what I learn unless I go back to it. Providing myself notebooks to write God’s dealings with my life in is a habit I cannot trade for anything else. I have had the opportunity to go back and review my notes and found them useful again and again. And this is how you ponder on the word of God that you study. You write it down, and then go back and review and evaluate your life based on the things you wrote. 

Why not make this year a year of journaling God’s word, make yourself a notebook, date it, and write down whatever God is sharing with you as you study the word. But do not just do that, take time to review your study note and ask yourself questions and pray. Some of the devotionals that have been a blessing to Christians world wide came from the personal study notes of the men of old. Pondering on God’s word will become more effective and reflective as you pen it down and take time to review. It is my prayer that you will make this year a year of writing down God’s thoughts to you as you sit to study His word, and take time to review the same. May God help you in this New Year. 

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