This is the time of year when people make resolutions, in fact, most people break their New Year Resolutions within the first month of the year. But this year, I want all the people who read this blog to look past the normal tradition but look deeper and further.

Most Christian young people have never read through the Bible once! So, this year, I am challenging you to read the whole Bible at least once. Now, this isn’t just about a personal achievement, but about something even deeper and meaningful. If you listen to our podcast, then, you will know the last series for 2019 tagged ‘Cherish the Word’, this series is about learning to cherish God’s word.

Do you know how privileged you are to have a Bible? So many young people across the world don’t have a Bible, yet they still cherish God’s word in their hearts. If you would give them your Bible now they would eagerly devour it as if it were food. I will share with you a true story I read:

There was a boy in England back in the olden days who was poor, he loved God, but his mother did not have enough money for a bible (they were very expensive back then). One day, he went on an errand to the shop for his mother, while at the shop, he noticed that the paper the woman at the shop used to wrap his purchases was quite different (they did not have plastic bags in those days), what was used to wrap his purchase was the Bible. The boy was shocked, so he asked the woman if she knew that was the Bible -God’s Word, and she said if he liked it so much he could have it if he gave her its weight in paper. So, he ran home got all the papers they had in their house, it wasn’t enough, so he went to the neighbours and got all the papers they had. He ran back to the shop, and the woman weighed the paper, she told him he had enough and gave him the Bible. As he ran home, he shouted, “I have the Bible, I have the Bible! This boy cherished God’s word so much, so, in this New Year, you too must learn to cherish God’s Word.

You probably know the story of Mary Jones, the Welsh girl who travelled 26 miles barefoot just to receive the Bible. When she arrived there, there were no Bibles, that was how much she loved God’s word. How much does God’s Word mean to you? Is it just a book in your eyes? Or s it something more powerful? Just stop reading for a while and meditate on how you treat God’s Word.

This year, I encourage you all to take up my challenge. You can even share your progress with others on social media. Feel free to email me at:   

I pray that you will indeed join me via #thebiblechallenge, then at the end of the year you can indeed say you did something meaningful. I pray that God will teach you to cherish His word.

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